First Post

Okay, well this is my first post. It’s also my first blog. I’m just starting graduate school at UIC for biomedical visualization (long name), and making one of these is part of my computer applications class. I never really got into them before, so I’ll see how it goes. Obligatory about me stuff I guess: I just moved to Chicago from New York after I graduate from Syracuse University with a BFA in illustration (apparently I like cold places? Not really. I hate the cold). My first week has been a chaotic mess of unpacking while starting all my classes. I figure I’ll start my posts with a bit of the past – so these are the very last drawings I did while in undergrad.

The assignment was to illustrate the morphological differences of the jaws between 3 sub-species of cichlids. Cichlids are a highly diverse species and studied extensively in regards to speciation in evolution. The main focus was on major landmarks such as the insertion points of tendons and ligaments, and variation between muscle shape and size.