Portfolio Gallery Update

So I’ve decided to post all portfolio work from the past months on here while I work on an overhaul of my website. Here some of my traditional and digital 2D illustrations from the past few semesters.


Portfolio Gallery Part II

This is all my 3D work produced using 3ds Max, Mudbox, and Z Brush.

More 3D

I finished modeling earlier exercises for a syringe and hemostat now that I know how to properly texture and light my scenes.

And, today we learned to export molecular models from the protein databank into 3Ds Max. So here’s a ribonuclease and its inhibitor:

Sketches/Study Guides

For gross anatomy I’ve been sketching from both my books and the cadaver as study guides. We’re currently studying the head and neck so I traced the blood flow through the internal and external carotids and the venous drainage into the jugular veins. The blood flow to the face is extensive with several areas of anastamoses, hence the heavy bleeding resulting from any injury to the face or scalp. I marked clinically important areas of communication that I should be aware of. Primary areas of concern are the ophthalmic artery’s role in connecting the internal and external carotids and the danger area where infection can spread into the cavernous sinus through the ophthalmic veins.

Internal and External Carotids

Jugular Veins

I also illustrated the branching of the facial nerve to understand where it went, what it innervated, and what fibers it carried. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the text because they make mistakes all the time. In this instance the book read that the fibers of the branches to the muscles of facial expression, stapedius, posterior digastric, and stylohyoid were special visceral afferents. I thought I’d gone completely insane because I was sure muscle innervation was through efferent fibers. I checked another book which confirmed my suspicions: SVE fibers go to facial muscles, SVA fibers are on the facial nerve but they deal with the special sense of taste on the anterior 2/3 of the tongue and soft palate.

The Facial Nerve